The Fabulous Caprices
Groovy World

Never been able to work out whether this 1971 recording out of Texas (released on the Camaro label, Memphis) used a producer who was totally high or just a guy who shrugged convention by not really knowing what he was doing. But either way, it's a brilliant, totally left-field funk track by a bunch of kids who were still attending high school. Think "Hair" meets Fela Kuti in the 'hood. This is a great example of how a lot of rare 45s represent something much more real and evocative than the polished, manufactured products that made it to the charts. It's more a unique moment in time captured on tape rather than a song on vinyl.

The Fabulous Caprices hailed from Denison, East Texas. The band began life as the Fabulous Capris releasing the super-hard-to-find debut single "Stagger Walk" in 1970. A typo on the label for "Groovy World", their second single, obliged an official name change. For more information, check Sticky Records' band bio.

Artist: The Fabulous Caprices
A: Groovy World
B: My Love
Label: Camaro
Cat#: SW71-6308


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  1. Probably a Style Wootin production... He had designer label as well I think