Cyril Neville

Before coming to prominence as a member of brother Art Neville's band The Meters, percussionist and vocalist Cyril Neville cut his debut track for New Orleans label Josie. Not sure why it didn't get big. Maybe the sitar was just too strange for the market at the time? Great, great song and as close to main stream as rare funk 45s get. "Gossip" has been re-issued a bunch of times on various comps (including a Jazzman single with other brother Aaron Neville's song "Hercules" on the flipside) but the original is pretty hard to find - particular the full release version with the song "Tell Me What's On Your Mind" on the b-side.

(Photo via, Cyril Neville in The Meters on right)

Artist: Cyril Neville
A: Gossip
B: Gossip
Label: Josie
Cat#: 45-1014


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