The Soul Machine
Twitchie Feet

1968 New Orleans/Meters style funk out of Los Angeles with "Soul/funk journeyman" Leon Hayward. Hayward moved from Houston, TX, to Los Angeles in the early 60s and played in many local R&B bands. He would later achieve success in the mid-70s with songs like "I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You" and "Strokin'". (Pzazz Records discography here)

Artist: The Soul Machine
A: Twitchie Feet
B: Bag Of Goodies
Label: Pzazz
Cat#: 021


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  1. I picked this up in a bag of 100 mystery 45's bought for a pound (YES one pound) at some record shop in or near Shipley (Yorkshire, England) in the very early 80's. I was a kid and it was a cheap way of exploring music. I really enjoyed this and though I have lost the 45 I still have a tape I made of it. Good stuff.