Ernie & The Top Notes, Inc.
Dap Walk

Recorded early 1972, New Orleans, 'Dap Walk' is one of the greatest, most sought after funk 45s of the 'never quite made it' category. Says Funky 16 Corners:

"If there were ever a feel-good funk song, it’s “Dap Walk” by New Orleans stalwarts Ernie and The Top Notes. A happily rumbling bass line, cyclic, syncopated drumming and the catchiest melody this side of “Tighten Up” have made this song legendary in deep funk circles."

'Dap Walk' was recorded live according to band leader Ernie Williams and perfectly exemplifies the up-beat, post-big-band jazz sound of classic New Orleans funk... even though, in an interview at Funky 16 Corners, Williams claims "We didn’t sound like New Orleans. I prided myself in sounding more commercial."

Ernie & The Top Notes, Inc. photo via Funky 16 Corners

Artist: Ernie & The Top Notes, Inc.
A: Dap Walk
B: Things Are Better
Label: Fordom
Cat#: FR 105


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