Lee Moses
Time And Place

Recorded January 1970 and released out of Memphis, this song is so damn great it's almost a spiritual experience. Huge, huge shame though that the recording is full of pops and clicks - even though the vinyl looks brand new and is entirely scratch free. Suspect messed up master, accidental emptying of vacuum cleaner bag on pressing stamper? Who knows.

Lee Moses and his epic voice are best known for the 1971 album "Time & Place" (available as hen's-teeth rare original vinyl or brand new, re-mastered CD). But as In Dangerous Rhythm says:

"Lee Moses is one of the mystery men of soul music who would appear to have disappeared or passed away because he has not been heard of for years."

But that's not strictly true. There's a bio for Lee Moses here detailing his career from hometown Atlanta thru the New York R&B scene of the 60s and 70s, to his return to GA where he sadly died in 1997.

Funk don't get much more soulful. Not even the out-of-key brass and the 'burning log fire' crackling in the background can spoil this one...

Artist: Lee Moses
A: Time And Place
B: I Can't take No Chances
Label: Front Page
Cat#: RAA-2301


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