The Vibrettes
The Humpty Dump Pt. 1

"The Humpty Dump" is widely miscredited as an Eddie Bo production, rather than a Johnny Otis & Friends project. Sure, it sounds like classic New Orleans funk but it ain't. This much-sampled 1973 'funk bomb' is out of LA (meaning Los Angeles not Louisiana) with the 'Shuggie' on the label being Johnny's then 20-year-old son Shuggie Otis (left).

'The Humpty Dump' feels like catchy Motown pop soul with added fat-back funk. It's a classic song and I'd guess the usual music industry ownership squabbles or distribution issues must have kept it from mainstream success. But it remains huge for hip hop DJs and other connoisseurs of breaks. Heck, Digital Underground even 'sampled' the title along with the song...

Artist: The Vibrettes
A: The Humpty Dump Pt. 1
B: The Humpty Dump Pt. 2
Label: Lujon
Cat#: 101


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