Don Pierce

I bought this one years ago without hearing it. But how could you resist buying a single with a label that looks like that and boasts an a-side called "This Funky Thing"? A winner...

But despite its promise, I have to say I never cared too much for "This Funky Thing". Instead, I always loved the straight ahead jam session on the b-side. "Spook-A-Delic" sounds like the band were just having fun and the engineer decided to hit record when the groove got interesting. It's a great late 60s R&B/Boogaloo breakdown with a hypnotic bass line and mad guitar skills. Love it!

"This Funky Thing" was picked up and sampled by DJ Shadow which spiked awareness and demand for a while. It's also on a lot of Funk comps but, as usual, I know squat about the artist or label so info gratefully received.

Artist: Don Pierce
A: This Funky Thing
B: Spook-A-Delic
Label: Majesty
Cat#: MAJ-1041



  1. loving your blog! Thanks for all the great music!

  2. co sign. what track did shadow use this on?