Hung Over

1965 was the year of "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" and the birth of funk as a genre. So it may be a stretch to call "Hung Over" funk, but it's definitely got the DNA in there...

"Hung Over" came out of Memphis in 1965 on BAR Records. The letters of 'BAR' stood for the names of the co-owners - future Stax partners Eddie Braddock, Estelle Axton and Ewell Rousell. The Martinis featured R&B artists Johnny Keyes and Packy Axton who'd played variously as The Packers and The Pac-Keys.

In his book "Soulsville, U.S.A.: the story of Stax Records" Rob Bowman recounts the story:

According to Johnny Keyes, "When Packy got enraged, in a fit he'd loose this yell - 'Arghhh!' - we did an instrumental and when it came to the break, he did the yell." Everyone, except Estelle, laughed about it afterward, saying it sounded like he was throwing up, hence the title "Hung Over". Estelle hated the yell, thinking it uncouth, and argued incessantly to leave it off the record. This was one battle she lost.

Artist: Martinis
A: Hung Over
B: Late Late Party
Label: BAR
Cat#: 101



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