Ron Buford
Deep Soul

The A-side of this late 60s hard-to-find gem has found its way onto several funk compilation albums and is a very respectable stomper from the James Brown school recorded at Camelot studios in Seattle. But the B-side is the far superior cut I think... a rare mix of funk intensity and waaaay deep soul. The instrumental combines a slower and insistent take on James Brown's patent Popcorn rhythm with great Hammond organ soloing. I think the term 'obscure masterpiece' wouldn't be too much of an exaggeration.

Artist: Ron Buford
A: Deep Soul Part One
B: Deep Soul Part Two
Label: Camelot
Cat#: CS-127



  1. Thanks for all your hard work in putting up these gems. I work as a cabbie in dublin ireland and play mp3s throughout the night. Many of my passengers really appreciate the deep funkiness you have brought to their lives. Thank you very much for enriching our lives.

  2. i had the liberty of knowing both ural thomas and ron buford, learned the school of funk from ural thomas for 5 years, he created the funk, james brown stole it, and the rest is history, deep soul was recorded in late 64, ahead of its time for sure, they were both ural's songs but ron buford got the credit.