James Lewis Fields
How Long Shall I Wait

Easily one of the best, this track is like the '57 Chevy of Funk: it's a quintessential classic everyone knows but only a few own. I was lucky to get mine in the early 90s for $6 at Camden Market, London and it was one of the first items in my Funk 45 collection.

Don't know anything much apart from it's out of Brooklyn and was released in 1973... just in time for the oil crisis - hence the thin, brittle nature of the vinyl which makes it very hard to find pressings that aren't either cracked or needle-burned or both. Unfortunately, I needle-burned mine and generally beat it up deejaying so the sale value has taken a knock.

Have to assume something disastrous must have befallen the careers of such talents as James Lewis Fields and producer Jerry Washington that so little is now known about them. Info gratefully received.

Artist: James Lewis Fields
A: How Long Shall I Wait
B: I really Love You
Label: Top Pop
Cat#: 2262


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